Tiling is delicate work, and a mistake by a tiler in Manchester can create an eyesore that is hard to ignore. Errors such as the wrong measurements, unevenly laid tiles, and unequal grout line widths can spoil the image of the whole room and force you to spend more money to fix it.

This is why selecting a good tiler is the key to successfully completing your tiling project. Just like any contractor, the work of a tiler speaks for itself, and as you search for a good one, here are some tips to help you along.

Never Take Phone Quotations

As you are looking for an English tiler Manchester, avoid companies that refuse to visit the job site before agreeing on the project’s final quote. Some of these businesses that do quotes over the phone are either scammers looking for some quick money or inexperienced companies who may end up costing you more than the agreed price because they underestimated the work involved.

Experience of Tilers in Manchester

Just like any other contractor, experience is critical. You need to find out how long the tiler in Manchester has been in business. Experienced tilers are more efficient. As a starting point, you can look for companies with more than five years of experience.

You also need to ask about the tiler’s past work in Manchester. In most cases, there will be photographs of previous jobs on their website, but if there are none, then you need to ask to see their portfolio. By analysing their previous jobs, you will know the competency of their skills, knowledge, and quality of work. Thus, you can make an informed decision about whether they are the right tiler for the job.

If you had no idea where to begin your search for a tiler, I hope the above tips have given you a good starting point.

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